Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable by Jim Kukral ⋆

Old school digital marketer Jim Kukral has written a new book, “Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable“, and you should take a look at it.

Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable by Jim Kukral

Jim discusses how to make an impact in today’s distracted world to make the most of your life and work.

If you’ve read any of Jim’s previous books, you already know the conversational tone that he writes in; but for anybody new to Kukral’s work, you’re in for a treat with his style.

He writes a different kind of business book. I’ve got a big collection of business books, and many are a chore to get through with the heavy use of buzzwords and overly complicated descriptions or processes.

You won’t get that with Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable, and that makes the advice so much easier to digest and implement.

Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable provides you with practical ideas, no-nonsense approaches, and honest advice to make your business or self unskippable.

In addition to this new book, Jim has also co-written a book with Lisa Picarille titled The Unskippable Handbook For Dealing with JERKS, IDIOTS & TERRIBLE People.

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