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About 6 months ago, I enrolled in an entrepreneurship course at Appsumo. Not because I didn’t know how to start a business, but to get more ideas about how to bring my existing businesses to the next level.

Working through various exercises, I went through old emails to find that questions about working through procrastination, goal setting, prioritization, better project management came up.

It seems that whether you’re new at what you’re doing, or if you’re already experienced, you will be facing challenges that will keep you from getting to the next level in your journey, whether it’s part of building your business, or achieving a goal in your personal life.

It’s probably not surprising that CEOs at Fortune 500 companies also face the same challenges.

In my past life as a tech journalist, I had the chance to interview Red Hat Linux’s Bob Young, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, Seagate founder Al Shugart.

The issues are the same, just that the buzzwords have changed. About 10 years ago, “growth hacking” and “lifehacking” didn’t exist. I think they called it “personal development”, “self-improvement” or “business process reengineering” then.

The core challenges are the same though:

  • How to do what you’re doing better
  • How to overcome boredom, a lack of motivation or mental blocks/self-imposed limitations
  • How to establish yourself if you’re new in an area and lack “expert” status

The easier solution is to look at your big problem and break it into small pieces.

Want to start a business? Break it into the 30-40 tasks you need to get done. Then work on those small pieces, getting one done every couple of days.

It’s just like running a marathon. If you haven’t been training, it’s not realistic to get out of bed one morning and expect to run 42 kilometers and do well.

It’s an effort, it takes preparation, it takes planning and following through on your plan.

The big things in life, the “marathons” are not tasks you can easily “wing it” and expect to do well.

Which is where the Mindware Recode comes in.

I did a blow-by-blow recounting of the strategies I’ve been using in the past couple of years. They have evolved with time and their latest version work well for me.

With lifehacking, there’s fine tuning, calibration and optimization involved.

It may sound a little meta to optimize your optimization, but it’s needed if you want to get to the next level.

If you’re like some ideas to get to where you want to be, be sure to check out the Mindware Recode.

I’ll be waiting.

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