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Today, we’re gonna talk about adult traffic. You’ve probably heard something about it or maybe you’re making $xxxx on a daily basis with adult traffic, anyway I’m sure you will find something useful by reading this article.

Adult traffic – is traffic generated by adult sites (mainly adult tubes and other sites with adult content). Adult niche was one of the biggest niches in CPA marketing for years, and it’s still alive, despite increased competition. Still, there are many affiliates who make $xxx-$xxxx on a daily basis.

Just look at stats, and see by yourself, how big this niche is.

Here is the list of most popular sites in the USA.


Pornhub is much more popular than Xvideos has as many views as Reddit, so as you can see, the traffic volumes are really amazing. It is obvious that this is a big plus, so I’d like to talk more about the pros and cons of adult traffic.

It is obvious that huge volume of traffic is a big plus, so I’d like to talk more about the pros and cons of adult traffic.


Where to buy adult traffic?

Let’s move on!

If you decide to start working with adult traffic, then you need to figure out what ad network and ad formats are the best (display/pops/redirects).

We sorted 15 most viewed adult sites in the world by ad network they use.


As you see there are only few Ad networks monetize traffic from most viewed adult tubes. I suppose, that It would be hard for you to choose what network you should start working with at the beginning of your adult journey?

We made an overview of the most popular adult ad networks.


Ad formats

Speaking about advertising formats, I would like to say that each advertising format is suitable for different verticals. There are few available formats that ad networks can offer for you.


The best option is to start with banners, because сhances that you would be thrown out from the offer are low, compared to other ad formats.

In conclusion, I would like to share a successful dating case.


I’ve started with choosing a spot. Usually, I start mobile campaigns on few spots (300×100 and 300×250) but this case will be about 300×100 spot because 300×100 campaign had better ROI and much more representative results.

So, I’ve created the campaign, targeted 300×100 mobile spot, USA, Android, premium sites only.

I chose such targeting, because:

  • Android (I always start with Android, because it’s easier to receive first data with Android users, traffic is cheaper and it converts better and moreover, Android almost always has more volume than iOS)
  • Premium sites (It’s better to start with premium sites only, and then optimize and add another site, because premium sites usually don’t have a lot of bot traffic, so this option allows you not to spend thousands of dollars to just find winner landing page or best banner angle)

At the beginning, my campaign had 10 banners and 3 Pre-Landers. I spent 100$, and started to optimize.

In my opinion, optimization should be performed in this order:

  1. Banners (“Variations” in Exoclick)
  2. Zones (not sites, because different spots on one site can perform with huge difference)
  3. Device
  4. Browsers


So, I started my optimization with banners. I received 1.5$ per lead, so I started to cut down banners where lead costs more than 1.5$. The problem was, at the beginning, I didn’t have banners with CPA less than 1.5$ per lead, so, without optimization by prelanders and zones – there was no chance to make my campaign green. My best banner had 2$ per CPA, so I decided to cut down all banners with CPA more than 3$.

Here is the final statistic by banners:

I’ve tested almost 50 banners in this campaign, and I finally found something that works for me and for advertiser as well.


After optimization by banners, I looked on zone performance.

60% of traffic brought me one big zone and it was good for me, so I decided to spend a little bit more money to cut down something.

At the same time, I checked the performance of each lander, and found out, that there is almost no difference in performance. So I didn’t optimize by landers.

After spending few hundreds, I started to cut down every zone with CPA more than 1.5$ per lead.

Here are my final results:


Few zones were good for me, and they had positive ROI, but advertiser asked me to cut them down because results were bad on his side.

My campaign became profitable after 500$ of spend, but ROI wasn’t high enough for me, and another bad thing – advertiser had a daily cap. So I decided to start optimization by the device.

I found out that Samsung phones waste almost 50% of all traffic, but lead costs for me 2.69$ per lead. I’ve cut it off.


After that my campaign was on autopilot. I’ve been copying banners similar to the best one.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is still possible to earn good money with adult traffic, and the constantly growing competition confirms this.



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