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Media Buying 101

In this post I discuss buying traffic from websites by placing banner ads on them, otherwise known as Media Buying. There are two services which I’ve been using which I find very helpful and I’ll be discussing this also.

Why Media Buying?

The reason I’m getting into media buying is because I can reach targeted traffic and in a lot of cases through real time bidding, and I don’t have the headaches that often arise with Google.

Real time bidding (RTB) is where you bid for an advertising spot on a website, in a similar way that Google Adwords auctions work. What this means is you’re not locked into advertising for a full month on a website, and instead can turn off and on your campaign at will. This is great as it give you much more control.

With media buying you can get a much larger reach of traffic than the likes of Google Adwords can offer, and in many cases the competition is not as fierce as most folks don’t like the idea of media buying as it is slightly harder than Adwords.


The first step is to find out what competitors in your niches are doing and reverse engineer what’s working for them. A great tool to do this is Adbeat. Its not cheap, but it is very powerful. Adbeat allows you to search in various ways such as by keyword so you can see what other people are doing with their banner ads, or you can search by URL also.

You can uncover how long a competitor has been running banner ads on a site, and therefore gauge if what they’re doing has been working for them or not. Below is a screen shot from a search I just did on ‘weight loss’

I know its quite hard to see on that image, but essentially Adbeat tracks how long they have seen a banner from the same advertiser on a website. The longer the banner has consistently been seen the better the campaign is  most likely doing for that advertiser.

What this means is we can gather a lot of great info on the types of banners that seem to work and the sites and replicate this.

Site Scout

Site Scout is another tool, but this is a RTB (real time bidding platform) that allows you to bid for ad space on website you want to place your banners on. RTB means you have a lot of control over your advertising, so you can turn it off and on and will. The way RTB works is similar to Google, but less complicated, and essentially the tops bidder for an ad spot wins.

Below is a screen shot from SiteScout, where I have search for ‘weightloss’ sites that I could potentially run my banners on.

These two tools are very useful for getting into Media Buying. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting on Solo Ads and creating banners also, so stay tuned for more tips!



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