Getting Reviews for Your Amazon Listing

Getting Reviews for Your Amazon Listing

Hi folks, in this post I’ll be discussing how to get more reviews for your Amazon listing. Getting reviews for Amazon products plays a big role in your conversions and your rankings in Amazon, so the more you can get the better!

How to Get Reviews

The most obvious way to get reviews is to ask! Not rocket science, but a vast majority of sellers on Amazon never ask, so if you employ strategies for asking for the review then you can out perform most sellers.

1. The first point I want to say, which you might think is obvious, is make sure the product you’ve chosen to sell on Amazon is high quality. DO NOT compromise on quality, because if you sell something sub-standard you’re chances of getting positive reviews is incredibly hard, and besides that it’s not ethical to sell garbage.

When sourcing products to sell you absolutely MUST get samples and do your homework on the supplier.

2. Amazon does allow you access to email your customers without showing you the email, so this is one of the easiest ways to ask for a review. Keep in mind, most people won’t really want to do you a favor for nothing, however if your customer service has been second to none throughout the after sales process they are more likely to. With that said make sure you reply to all questions that customers ask you in your Seller Central account quickly.

3. Something else I do is get an outsource worker from Odesk to call up my buyers on the phone as Amazon provides the phone number in your account, BUT its important to note the purpose of the call is primarily a customer service call, to make sure the customer is happy with the purchase and see if they need anything from us. After that we politely ask for a review.

4. You can also ask for the review in the product packaging, by leaving a small insert with some instructions for the customer regarding best use of the product and ask for the review in here also.

Just think of anyway you can get in contact with the customer and ask!

Buying Groups

Something that I don’t like seeing is ‘buying groups’ where folks create communities to buy each others products and leave reviews. I would encourage you not to do this as it leaves a foot print for Amazon to see, and they do see, and will shut down accounts.

Sadly I’ve started to see ‘negative review’ groups also, where people purposely try and hurt their competitors listings by giving negative reviews and telling others in their group to do the same. Its unethical and people that do this will get what’s coming to them eventually.


Its not a bad idea to give your product away to people you know or find groups of people who would be interested, and ask them for an honest review once they’ve done this. Amazon does not mind you doing this, as long as you do not say they must leave the review and then will get something AFTER leaving the review, that’s a big ‘no no’.

Hope you found this short post helpful, happy reviews!

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