Ask Lammo – Where the hell have you been?

That’s the most frequently asked question in my postbag at the moment (Jason even blogged about it), and as I explained as a comment to that post, I just haven’t had the desire or inclination to think of anything to blog about – At least not with any authority.

I’ve had a delve into the Ask Lammo postbag, and have managed to pick out a few decent questions amongst all the crap:

I tried posting an SEO job on elance with plenty of specifics such as do follow only, PR2+, no blog comments etc. but all the proposals completely ignored these and quoted for basic ‘any old crap’ links. Are sites such as elance a waste of time, or am I expecting too much?

I haven’t used elance myself for link building, but I’d say you get what you pay for on there. I’ve had some coding jobs done, and taking time to choose a reputable company that charge a reasonable price (i.e don’t choose someone ‘cos they’re cheap!) and checking out their feedback from previous customers etc can make all the difference.

Is ECU available in Canada?

No, we’ve launched the US version, but at the moment have no plans to expand into Canada.

What are your short term and long term goals in business, do you have a get out plan?

My short term plan is to pay my mortgage each month.
My medium term plan is to pay my mortgage off.
My long term plan is to invest in others to help them do the same.
I love what I do, so whilst the sites I run may come and go, I don’t think I’ll ever “get out” again.

How did Richard Branson make his fortune?

If you’re interested in learning about how Richard Branson got started in business (as well as get an insight into his way of thinking about Business), I’d thoroughly recommend reading his autobiography “Losing my Virginity” – I first read it when I started my affiliate business in 2000, and found it incredibly motivating.

I then re-read it in 2005, and found some great “mistakes” that I myself had made over the previous five years, so was able to learn even more.

How many niche affiliate websites do you think one person could manage?

That depends.. How often do the sites need updating? How long does it take to update them? How big are your “niche” sites? I’ve got a combination of all sorts of site – Sites that are 500+ pages of unique content that require very little updating (but take half a day to update when its that time), and sites that require daily TLC, whether that’s 5 minutes or an hour. I’ve got 5 page sites, 50 page sites and 500+ page sites.

You’ll soon find out how many you can manage when you run out of time (as if you’re anything like me you can’t stop having new ideas and trying stuff out) – at this point you need to let some of the neglected stuff go rather than leaving it on the “i’ll get around to looking after that site” pile.

what is the best way to drive traffic into a website besides search engines?

This is probably stating the obvious, but social media can drive just as much (if not more) traffic than Google – Really engage with Twitter and Facebook.. unlike Google, they’re real people, and you can actually speak to them and help them find what they’re looking for, and get paid to do so!

Look at PR too – We used to get HUGE spikes in traffic to our freebie site whenever it was mentioned in any of the Womens Magazines (Bella, Womans own etc), so make friends with some journalists and let them know you’re THE expert in your field that they can speak/refer to every time they’ve got a relevant story.

Please do keep your Ask Lammo questions coming – I’ll try not to wait 5 months before the next session!

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