Ask Lammo: No, I’m not a millionaire and no, I can’t fit your skirting boards

Time for another dip into the Ask Lammo postbag…

Can you recommend the program affiliate site quick?

No, I can’t. I don’t recommend ANY Affiliate Marketing program – You can’t learn AM from any handbooks or guides – it’s not something that has a step-by-step process. You need to dig in, get your hands dirty, make your own mistakes and learn from them.

how old was sir alan sugar when he made his first million?

No idea, I’m reading his autobiography at the moment, so I’ll let you know!

what companys does lord alan sugar own?

Oops Joanna.. it’s no good doing a quick Google search on your iPhone before you go into the Interview…

What tips and advice can some of the most successful entrepreneurs provide for students hoping to start their own businesses one day

Make “one day” today – Get started, make some mistakes, correct those mistakes, learn “on the job”, and re-invest everything you’ve got (both time and money) for a couple of years. Don’t wait for “the right time” – Just roll your sleeves up and dive in!

Are you a millionaire ? (cash in the bank)

lol, no – far from it!

how much would you say you make a month?

I’d say that’s between me and my accountant! Don’t worry too much about what other people are earning – focus on what you’re earning, and how you can increase that figure.

championship next year??

Is this the end of the mighty Argyle ?

Is Peter Reid a good football manager or is he best left in the 90’s?

Must have known I’d get a few Argyle questions given their recent financial troubles. At the time of writing, we’re sitting comfortably mid-table in League One, three points off the playoffs. I’d settle for that come the end of the season, in fact right now I’d settle for having a club still this time next season.

As for Peter Reid, the guy is performing miracles despite working without pay and with his hands tied behind his back at the moment – All his “stars” are being sold to keep us in business, he’s not allowed to bring in anyone to replace them, and yet he’s managing to get results and playing much better football than we’ve had at Home Park for the previous 3 seasons. He even paid the office heating bill out of his own pocket during the recent cold spell – I hear he’s working his way up towards “water-into-wine” as his next task.

Hi I am a complete newbe I am looking to set up either a dropship,affilliate or buya ready made website I would like to earn 2 to 3 K a month any ideas where I can look ?

You haven’t indicated your available budget – If you’re looking to buy an established site that will bring you in £2-3k a month, then you should expect to pay anywhere between £40,000 and £100,000 for it. If you don’t have that sort of budget, then building your own sites up to that level is your best bet. “The Smingle Method” is a tactic that is both proven and scalable for establishing your Affiliate Marketing business.

Could you give me a quote for removing 80 metres of existing skirting board and re-fitting new skirting board (I’d need you to supply the new skirting board)?

Erm, I’m struggling to think how on earth you arrived at an Affiliate Marketing Blog looking for an answer to this question!

Do you have to do ppc marketing in order to get traffic for the affiliate marketing program?

No, you can get traffic (free) without doing PPC – Although if you do PPC too, you can very quickly find out what keywords have good volume and convert well, and are therefore worth chasing.

Hey Lammo. I have a football blog and I am trying to promote it by submitting articles unique articles with my embedded link to popular sites. What is better to submit these articles of unique content to other sites to get a link or simply put it on my own site so I get unique content.

Put those articles up on your site, and assuming your site is any good, do some proper link building. Set up Google Alerts for some footy terms (team names, player names etc), and engage with the website owners and bloggers about the content they have written – ask them if they’d mind linking to your blog too – it’ll be good quality, on-topic links that might actually bring some traffic too – much better than crappy article site links.

Hi, I am trying to get my head around the whole voucher site business model but can’t get a feel for where to best source vouchers and also how and how much commission is earned from promoting a voucher. There seems to be lots of information all over the web about setting up a site but not the business model so any help you can offer would be great. thanks.

The first (and only) thing you need to realise when entering the voucher code space is that you will be competing against some VERY big names, with VERY VERY VERY deep pockets. You can use something like icodes to source the vouchers and power your site, but I feel you’re better off implementing vouchers into an existing site to increase conversion than create another standalone VC site.

hi is the elottery still running?

Nope, a real shame as I used to earn great money from it “back in the day”, but they moved the goalposts too many times for my liking, and moved away from being a good little Affiliate Program into the MLM “Live your Dreams” mentality – The official line is that they shut down after being sued for false advertising, but several people have claimed that they simply ran out of money after members dwindled, and no doubt we’ll see the founders start up another MLM “revolution” that will be “even bigger and better than VWD/eLottery”

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