4 Ways To Use Web Push Notifications To Increase E-Commerce Conversions

Today online shopping is a household term. From a nail pin
to a yacht, you will get everything online. With internet
increasing from 11.3% in 2016 to 15.2% in 2018, global e-commerce is expected to rise by 20.7%
in 2019. There are more than a million online websites selling products. Today,
the consumer can order products from
anywhere in the world. The question is how to get more business for your online shop? This is a tough question and
every marketer is trying to answer.

Online marketers have
been exploring and using many tools to increase traffic and conversion. Web
Push Notifications is one of the new marketing tools to re-engage your
customers and bring them back to the website.

Before we get into how to use web push notification in
e-commerce, let’s understand in brief about Web
Push Notification

The small alert type message that appears on the right-hand side of your desktop browser is
called Web Push Notification. The push
notification appearance
varies based
on the browser. Below is an example of notification in chrome browser:

Web Push Notification appears as alert on the desktop as
well as on mobile and is hard to miss. This has led to better CTR and an open rate as compared to E-Mail.

1.   Segmentation

Consider the below scenario –

The customer is
interested in getting updates about the new
mobile launch but receives notification about new shoes.

The customer will obviously get irritated and will
unsubscribe from your notification. Such a situation
can easily be avoided using Subscriber Segmentation.

Web Push Notification allows you to segment users –

  • Based on Customer Location
  • Based on Device
  • Based on Subscription URL
  • Based on User Action

You can decide what kind of segmentation you want to use for
your subscribers and implement them.
Segmentation based on user action allows you to create custom segments. You can decide what
kind of action is important and accordingly segment subscribers based on them.

How segmentation can help increase conversions?

As per research, in
the e-commerce industry, notification sent to segment lead to 2X CTR (Click
Through Rate) as compared to the notification sent to all.

Two important benefits of
Segmentation –

Targeted Notification: Using Segmentation you can send a relevant and targeted
notification to the subscribers. This leads to higher CTR and conversions.

Lesser Unsubscription: Since subscribers will be receiving an only relevant
notification, this will reduce the unsubscription rate and improve subscriber

2.   Drip Push

To create a brand you need to
engage regularly with the customers. However, in the busy schedule, you may
miss out on engaging with your customers. To solve this, you can use Drip Push

Drip allows you to send
automated push notifications on regular intervals to all new subscribers. You
can decide when and how to start drip for the subscriber. Below is an example
to convert the lead to the customer, when the Drip Starts, once the user

You can share details about
your product, reviews, case studies and more to convert your lead. This helps
to keep the lead warm which is very important in conversion optimization.

How drip can help increase conversions?

Using Drip, you can nurture
your customers and increase your brand’s presence on their minds. Some of the
benefits of drip push notification which can help to increase conversions –

  • Targeted Drip: You can include segmentation in a drip campaign. For each segment, you
    can create a different drip. This enables you to send customized drip notification
    to each segment.
  • Brand Awareness: With drip, you can send series push notifications at regular intervals.
    You can use this to talk about your brand and products. This increases brand
    recall when the customer is looking to shop.
  • Smarter Way:
    Drip allows you to run multiple campaigns at the same time. Some of the
    e-commerce campaigns you can run using drip are:

    • Purchase history: You have the customer purchase history. Based on that you can create a
      drip campaign. For e.g, if the customer has bought a mobile and you have
      segmented them under Mobile. Now create a drip campaign promoting mobile
    • Upgrade: If
      you have a subscription-based product, you can easily run a drip campaign for product
      updates. If someone is at the lower plan, run a drip campaign showcasing the
      benefits and features of higher plans.

3.   Cart

One of the most common reasons
for loss of revenue is Cart Abandonment.

Cart Abandonment – When a user
adds the product to cart and leave
without purchasing.

As per the report by Salescycle, 75.8% online shoppers abandon
their cart. The study also shows that in the retail
sector the average cart abandonment rate
is around 75.8%.

How web
push notifications can help in improving the cart
abandonment rates and increase

As mentioned, push notifications are delivered in real-time on the browser. When a user abandons
their cart, you need to remind users about their cart, nudge them and entice
them to complete the conversions. Push Notifications can help you in creating
effective cart abandonment campaigns –

  • Cart
    Abandonment Reminders
    : Once the user
    abandons their cart, you can send a series
    of automatic notifications in intervals with details about the product and link
    to the cart page. This way you can keep the user informed about their product
    in the cart.
  • Instant
    : Whenever the user
    abandons their cart, you need to instantly reach out to the user. Other
    engagement tools need the user to either opens
    their emails or apps. However, with push notification user gets an instant
    alert on their browser. This creates an immediate impact and chances for the user completing the conversion are high.
  • Urgency:
    To get the user to complete conversion,
    you need to entice the user. Let the user know that the stock is limited or share a limited-time coupon. This will create urgency
    and may lead to conversions.

Cart abandonment campaign is very crucial for e-commerce to
recover sales. Case Study shows that an e-commerce site was able to recover 10
sales per day using cart abandonment notifications

4.   Optimization

Using push notification you can run multiple types of a campaign to improve re-engagement and
conversion for your online business. However, to get the best result you need
to optimize your push notification campaigns to get the best results.

How can the
optimization techniques help improve conversions?

Using push notification is very simple. In three simple
steps you can send a notification to

  • Title: Enter your push notification title.
  • Description: Give a small description of your push notification.
  • URL: Enter the landing page URL where you want
    your user to land.

Once done you can send push notification to your

Being easy doesn’t mean it will give you the best results.
You need to employ optimization tactics to make it work. Some of the most
important optimization tactics for e-commerce website are:

  • Schedule:
    Time to time e-commerce website run sale campaigns to bring in more customers.
    To bring in customers, you need to inform the user
    in advance. To ensure you do not forget to inform the subscribers, you can schedule your push notifications in advance.
    This will give you time to focus on another
    aspect of the business as the push notifications will be sent as per the
  • Time to
    : Consider a situation – “user opens his browser and receives a
    notification of a sale event. He clicks on it only to know that the event is
    over.” The user may get disappointed and unsubscribe. Using Push Notification
    you can easily avoid such a situation.
    You can put Expiry time for the push notification. This way you can fix the
    time to live for the notification. After the scheduled
    time, the notification will automatically expire. So, this way when the user opens his browser, he will not see any of
    the expired notification. This will prevent miscommunication
    and will reduce the un-subscription rate.
  • Timing:
    What happens if you send a notification when the user is busy? They will miss
    the notification and your CTR will decrease. To ensure your notification is
    seen by the user, send when the user is active. This brings out the fact that
    timing is very important for the effectiveness of push notification. Check out
    the push notification analytics and see when your customers are more active.
    Ensure to send notification during that time to increase CTR. While creating
    any of the campaigns like Cart
    Abandonment, Drip, you have the option to choose the timing.

Conclusion In recent times push notification has shown good results for online websites. If you are an e-commerce website and haven’t started Web Push Notifications, give it a try. Most of the push notification service provider has free plans or free trial plans. Get started and see the impact on your business.

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